Selection Box (with £5 off voucher inside)


Get your very own Little Rascal Selection Box – 3 x 5cl bottles at 40% and a £5 off voucher in each box!

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Original Blend (40%)
A premium strength gin with a tropical personality. Classic citrus from orange and lemon peels, uniquely lifted by passion fruit and a touch of raspberry. A sweet and fruity aroma, yet no added sugar and no artificial flavours. Works well with a good classic tonic or lemonade if preferred.

Pepper Berry (40%)
Harmonises classic citrus, bold raspberry and aromatic pink peppercorn. Sweet fruit notes balanced with light pink pepper. No added sugar, no artificial flavours, no fake colours, clear liquid. Works well with classic Indian or Mediterranean tonics.

Rhubarb (40%)
Taste the very first cut of this new rhubarb recipe! It may still develop further but the first cut turned out so well I wanted to share. Complex rhubarb aromas, both sweet like vanilla and tart with the citrusy Rascal base. Currently the recipe is completely dry. Try it with a good classic tonic water or lemonade if preferred.



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