Little Rascal Gin Gift Packs now available in the shop from £7 each!


Little Rascal Gin Gift Packs now in the shop from £7 each. 

*Free delivery to L postcodes using coupon code: liverpool 

RASCAL's Original BlenD

Passion fruit and red berries take classic botanicals to another level. No artificial flavour or added sugar. 40%

Tropical. Natural. Unique.

Perfect Serve?

The Rascal mantra acknowledges that us gin drinkers are very diverse these days, so you should really ‘research’ various serves to find your favourite (a dirty job, I know). A decent start is to pick a citrus garnish and a tonic you like. Passion fruit works so well with various citrus, berries and many herbs, you can’t go far wrong. Share your ‘research’ conclusions @rascalgin #rascalgin